Online Music Production Course

The world of Music is truly glamorous in every sense, and to make a shining career, what you need is a great skill and a bit of luck.

The career of a Music Producer is highly rewarding and requires lots of devotion and passion for the work. online music production courses are designed to help students understand the key elements and techniques of music production.

Why join an online music production course of DJ Gurukul?

We at DJ Gurukul is offering online music production course for the students who are desiring hard to shape a career as a music producer. In our online music production course, we train students about the technique of using advanced technologies like DAW or digital audio workstations. This advanced technology has become extremely popular in creating music. This course focuses on Ableton Live, Logic Pro, and Pro Tools.

Our specialists in DJ Gurukul have designed the online music production course with practical online sessions. Attending these practical classes, students can make progress in music production. To join this class, you do not need to have any prior experience in this field. You will need a computer to run DAW, and that’s it.

What do people say about our online music production course?

Our course on Ableton Live music has been appreciated by lots of aspirants as well as professionals too. It will help you become a highly-praised music producer, and you will have an opportunity to learn how to use the advanced functions of Ableton Live. Once you gain this knowledge, you can win over any obstacle in the music industry relating to music production. The advanced technologies include

  • MIDI programming
  • Looping editing
  • Warping and processing
  • Audio recording
  • Troubleshooting


We offer an additional course on Logic Pro, which will help you learn advanced technologies and develop creativity. Once you complete this course, you will be equipped enough to create innovative music. Contact us today for more information.


We at DJ Gurukul take pride in being the leading providers of professional DJ course in Delhi.


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