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Logic Pro is the advanced technology available with a vast collection of features to help you create music. Today’s music producer gets all types of help from this Logic Pro, and if you also want to carve a career for you in this field, then knowing Logic Pro X is a must.

We offer a detailed course on Logic Pro x Ableton Live online so that you can develop your creativity in music. Our Experts devoted them entirely to prepare the course Curriculum and train students efficiently about Logic pro.

This course will let you know how to create innovative sounds with synthesizers and samplers by using Logic Pro X. You will learn to mix music and create an innovative one. At the beginning of the course, you will be taught making short sketches, which are to be developed into your portfolio by mixing the music. So, there is no doubt that you will learn how to make innovative music and will emerge out as a successful musician and that too, with handsome pay.

Sneak peek of the curriculum and chapters that you will learn from the logic pro x training course.

Course Duration

3 months (80 hour session) extra classes if the faculty feels that the student needs more time to understand the concept.


INR 1,00,000/-


Previous Knowledge

The student doesn’t require any past knowledge or qualification to learn the art of music production, yet if the student has so, it will help to grasp the concept more easily.

Course Structure

The Beginning – INTRODUCTION

  • Understanding the DAW
  • Instruments and Sound library
  • Introduction to Midi Sequencing
  • Editing Clips and regions
  • Understand and manipulating Rhythm, Time and Tempo



  • Sample Editor
  • Editing Key commands
  • Flex modes
  • Automation
  • Practicing Modulations
  • Basics of Recording



  • Drum Design
  • Sampling
  • Processing and Layering
  • Frequency modulation Synthesis
  • Kontakt Library



  • Rhythm and Beats
  • Melodies and Riffs
  • Finalizing the Songwriting



  • Different types of keys
  • Orchestration programming
  • Mastering the Rhythms
  • Discussing genres
  • The Roots –Exploring Indian sound library



  • EQ and Compressor
  • Mixing vocals
  • Reverbs and Delays
  • Creative and finalizing the Mix


Once you join our online course, you will get the following benefits.

  • Study materials.
  • Any time support from the instructors, even after completion of the course.
  • Instructors will provide you with feedback on every assignment you submit online.
  • Certificate after the completion of the course.


In case you have any questions in mind which you wish us to answer before you join the course, feel free to ask. We will be happy to answer you. Our only mission is to establish our students to succeed in the industry.

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