Online Advance Digital Dj Course

Deejaying has emerged to be one of the most attractive professions among the young generation in recent days. Professional DJs are a sizzling profession with great pay, and they also become popular in the music industry in no time, subject to the fact that they are talented enough.

We at DJ Gurukul are offering a professional course on advanced digital DJ. We assure you that every aspirant will get the best platform in the field of music after completing this course. However, the course on DJ is quite vast, but still, our professionals have tried to compile it nicely so that every student can understand the subject in-depth and do well in their respective careers.

What students will learn from DJ Gurukul’s advanced digital DJ Course?

Well, about the inclusions in the advanced digital DJ course, so let’s give us a course overview so that you can get an idea about the topics that we will cover in this course. The students will learn how to detect and analyze the key of tracks so that the perfect mixture of songs can be done. This course helps to learn how to use EQ so that the mixing can become smooth and flawless. Students will learn how to make the first gig as a DJ and make an introduction to the industry. Other areas that are covered by the course are

  • Preparation of DJ set
  • Tutorial on tune structure and cueing techniques
  • Beatmatching and EQ setting
  • Mixing of various ranges of music
  • How to DJ with your phones and I pad
  • Learn all the software related to DJ like Traktor dj, Serato dj, Rekordbox dj & Ableton live dj.


There are many other things out of the curriculum you will get to learn while doing the course from trainers. We want our students to be successful in the industry, and we give our best to make them one. For more info, feel free to get in touch with us.


We at DJ Gurukul take pride in being the leading providers of professional DJ course in Delhi.


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