Serato DJ / Rekordbox DJ / Traktor DJ Course

An Advance Digital DJ course in which u can choose the software of your own choice from Serato Dj, Rekordbox Dj and  Traktor Dj to learn the Deejaying techniques digitally.

Deejaying has evolved much in the past couple of decades and has today become a popular career choice for people passionate about music. This leads to a significant rise in the competition level with the niche, making it essential for aspiring DJs to regularly update their knowledge and skills. In this context, we at DJ Gurukul offer a wide choice of courses to individuals seeking success as professional DJs. The Digital DJ course is one such option that can help you to enhance the versatility of your Deejaying skills.


Our Digital DJ Course is based on the compelling DJ software of the same name. The course is designed to make the students competent enough to use its various features and tools to put up a stellar show every time they perform. The Serato DJ / Rekordbox DJ / Traktor DJ Course offered by us covers the different concepts related to using the software most efficiently. It familiarizes the students with the interface of the software as well as the specific hardware that can be used with it. The focus of our Traktor DJ course is on helping the students to make use of the various features of the software simply and in an effective manner and open up endless creative possibilities for them.



2months (60 hours session) extra classes if the faculty feels that the student needs more time to understand the concept.



INR 50,000/-



The student doesn’t require any past knowledge or qualification to learn the art of deejaying, yet if the student has so, it will help to grasp the concept more easily.



  • How to Jumpstart Your DJ Career and Mix Like a PRO
  • Basic and Advanced Mixing Techniques
  • Master Traktor DJ / Rekordbox DJ / Serato DJ and All Its Functions
  • How to play using music stored inside smartphones and tablets
  • Understand Electronic Music Recurrences
  • How to Use Effects, Filters and Loops Effectively
  • How to Manage Track Deck Functionalities
  • How to use and connect this software with the Mixer / Midi Controllers / CDJ Players
  • The Aesthetic of Sound and the Harmonic Mix
  • How to Create a DJ Set from Scratch
  • How to Create and Organize Playlists
  • How to Manage Your Tack Collection
  • Advanced Use of Effects, Filters, and Loops
  • Record your first Live DJ Set
  • Tips and advice on how to promote yourself
  • Tips on how to prepare for professional gigs
  • How to create a DJ Profile
  • Proposals & sponsorships / own branding
  • Live parties (crowd handling, music management, track selection, attitude microphone handling, placing your set up and  body language)


Why Choose DJ GURUKUL for Digital DJ Course

We take pride in being the best provider of a comprehensive Serato DJ / Rekordbox DJ / Traktor DJ Course course in Delhi. We make sure that all the lessons are rendered in chronological order and also that the students get enough practice for using the software in a real club-like environment. The course is rendered by professional trainers having ample expertise in using the software and creating awesome music.

Our professional trainers are renowned names of the industry, DJ Sumit Sethi and DJ Punk. Both are young yet having huge experience in the industry. Both are loved and celebrated DJ’s of the industry having acute knowledge about the industry trends and tastes.

Enroll for our Traktor DJ course to get the competitive advantage offered by this powerful software and take another step towards a successful career. Joining our course will open up new avenues in front of you in the industry of DJ. Do not hesitate to connect with us to know more about our course and the fee structure. We will be glad to assist you.


We at DJ Gurukul take pride in being the leading providers of professional DJ course in Delhi.


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