Basic Dj course

Our basic course is designed keeping to help students who, despite their love for Deejaying but possess little or no experience in the field. That is why we start the course by helping the students to learn about the different types of Deejaying equipment available. The course then teaches them about the individual stages of the mixing process in great detail. The students learn about setting up decks and mixer, cueing tracks, selecting the right track to be played, and mixing it at the most appropriate moment. They also receive training in setting levels and EQ and are also introduced to more advanced processing effects and mixing techniques.


1 month ( 40 hours ) extra classes if the faculty feels that the student needs more time to understand the concept.


INR 35,000/-


The student doesn’t require any past knowledge or qualification to learn the art of Deejaying, yet if the student has so, it will help to grasp the concept more easily…


  • Introduction to the industry
  • Introduction & history of music
  • Introduction to genres
  • Introduction to equipment
  • Troubleshooting
  • Bpm (beat per minute)
  • Cueing
  • Tune structure
  • Chop mixing
  • Beatmatching
  • Equalization
  • Bar mixing
  • Examination to judge how good you are
  • Demo track production
  • Set formation
  • Dj booking
  • Promotion
  • Getting the job/ carrier options
  • Proposals & sponsorships / own branding
  • Live parties (crowd handling, music management, track selection, attitude microphone handling, placing your set up and  body language)

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