Ableton Live Dj Course

Creativity and versatility are the two fundamental aspects of deejaying essential for people seeking a successful career in this niche. We at DJ Gurukul understand this fact and hence provide our students with an opportunity to enhance these key skills with the help of our Ableton Live DJ course. The course helps the students to master the fundamentals of deejaying and create truly unique mixes to keep their audiences awed.

About Ableton Live DJ Course

Ableton Live is a leading software application that offers music mixing possibilities that are not provided by any other software. Our course is designed to help you gain an in-depth understanding of the various features and settings of the software to make you capable of taking leverage of the software for on-stage mixing. We train you to wrap the music effectively and gain complete control over the pitch and length of each audio piece created by you. Also, you will get to learn about the concepts of MIDI mapping efficiency, cross-fading, and configuring the application, to name a few. Whether you have used the software before or are a complete novice in the field, our course provides you with detailed working knowledge that can give a significant boost to your deejaying career.

This course will teach you to turn a blank Ableton Live project into a reusable template. You will learn how to warp songs so they are mixable.

Course Duration

1month (40 hours session) extra classes if the faculty feels that the student needs more time to understand the concept.


INR 35,000/-

Previous Knowledge

The student doesn’t require any past knowledge or qualification to learn the art of deejaying, yet if the student has so, it will help to grasp the concept more easily.


  • DJ and Perform music using Ableton Live
  • Create a dynamic set for getting a crowd dancing
  • Use effects and transitions to keep the music flowing
  • Warp Tracks for DJ use
  • Audio Effect Racks
  • Using Effect Rack Presets
  • EQ
  • Parallel Processing
  • Performance Effect Racks
  • Controllers
  • MIDI Mapping
  • The APC40 Interface
  • Follow Actions
  • Legato Mode
  • Launch Modes
  • Launching Clips in Performance
  • Effects Setup for Performance
  • Crossfader Setup
  • Mapping Controllers
  • Record your dj set
  • Tips and advice on how to promote yourself
  • Tips on how to prepare for professional gigs
  • How to create a DJ Profile

 Get The DJ Gurukul Advantage

We at DJ Gurukul ensure that every course we offer is designed to fulfil the students’ learning needs in the most satisfying manner. In keeping with the same, we employ the most competent DJ trainers with ample expertise in the use of Ableton Live software. Most importantly, we offer ample practice sessions and the best quality and latest equipment integrated with our students’ software.

There are many minute details involved in the Ableton Live software use about which you will learn on joining our course. Our mentors will take you for a complete tour of the software, giving you a complete overview of its application and benefits to offer you in your career as a DJ.

So, if you are looking to enhance your deejaying skills and create amazing musical mixes for your audiences, enroll for our Ableton Live Dj course. If there is still any query left in your mind which you wish to clarify before joining our course, then feel free to get in touch with us. Our client support team will assist you in getting answers to your queries. Connect with us today.

Learn Ableton Live DJ?

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